A Vision of Rest for SATB Choir


A Vision of Rest is a contemporary choral piece written for SATB choir.  Inspired by choral writers such as Chesnikov, Tavener, and Pärt.  Somber and reflective,  this piece is sure to draw the audience into a place of introspection, and no doubt will be a focal point for a successful choir concert.

Purchase of the piece includes the PDF of the full SATB score, with piano reduction.

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This piece has not had a performance yet!  Your choir could have the exciting  opportunity to debut this composition!

Here is a realistic virtual instrument file of what the piece sounds like:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpdfqTnAX4c

A Vision of Rest is a choral piece with text set from the poem by Alexander Posey. The piece balances a choral style refrain with large amounts of independent lines and melismatic writing, and the sounds or the composition are inspired by choral pieces by composers such as Pavel Chesnikov, John Tavener, and Arvo Pärt. The lyrics heard in the song were slightly modified to fit to the music. The original text is as follows:

Some day this quest
Shall cease;
Some day, For aye,
This heart shall rest In peace.
Sometimes—ofttimes—I almost feel
The calm upon my senses steal,
So soft, and all but hear
The dead leaves rustle near
And sign to be
At rest with me.
Though I behold
The ashen branches tossing to and fro,
Somehow I only vaguely know
The wind is rude and cold.


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