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Most music publishers take at least half of your earnings. That’s just not fair. With Parts and Score, you can earn up to 75% for every sale. With industry-leading royalties also comes first-class speed. Instead of waiting weeks or months to get paid, you receive your earnings in just two days.

Absolutely no risk.
Sell more music.

Keep the copyright to all your music. Continue selling your music on other platforms. You don’t need to drop other platforms to use Parts and Score. Rather, add another place to sell your music—one that works for you. Best of all, it’s free and you can leave anytime if it doesn’t work out.

Be discovered from Google.

People already search to buy music every day on Google. Let them find your music at the top of search results. We automatically sync up your music with Google, allowing customers to find and buy your music easily. If you want more fine-tuned controls, we even have SEO tools built-in for you. That’s an industry first.

Attract new listeners on YouTube.

YouTube is the #1 place people find new music. Utilize the power of scale and efficiency. Let us upload your music to YouTube and promote it for you. Most of our videos start getting views on the first day. Achieve more views with less effort.

Share your music with those most likely to buy.

Promoting your string quartet to thousands of brass quintets won’t create sales. We use predictive algorithms to automatically share your music to the right people at the right time. That way, your music is listened to by those most likely to buy and perform your music.

Create professional connections with buyers.

Send and receive messages with buyers to develop professional relationships. Answering their questions, providing help, and engaging with others increases sales and long-term fans. Plus, you can send a personal note to every person who buys your music to say thank you, or anything else you’d like.


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